Notes from the new 70-532 Exam

Yesterday I took the new 70-532 exam, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, and passed with flying colors. That is, 700 was passing, and I got 700! Not bad for not studying.

But I did find this quite different from the previous version of the exam. Here are a few ways (just a general dump - I'll do more detail another time):

  • Heavy on scenarios. I must have had 4 scenario based questions, each with I believe 6 questions. This was probably 70% of the exam.
  • Heavy emphasis on ServiceFabric. Probably the most significant part of exam outside of the scenarios.
  • Question(s) on Application Insights. Specifically one on creating a query to tell the average / standard deviation of web page respones times over the last week. Not sure I got it correct. Needs research. There was also a couple others on AI.
  • ServiceBus: had a question on reading from one queue message that only fit a certain categoy. Essentially, that you need to apply a filter to the queue to only see messages with specific content.
  • Nothing on creating VMs, at least from an IaaS perspective.
  • Question about WebJobs having a long start up time and how to go and ensure low processing time. I seem to remember this relating to "always on".
  • There were other question on "always on" as related to app service plans.
  • There was a question on DSC. Can't remember the specifics. I'll get back on this.
  • Question on CosmosDB related to read units being exceeded and how to use caching in Redis to relieve the burden. This had code examples to complete.
  • Activation / Deactivation questions related to ServiceFabric agents needed to persist / reload data from Redis.
  • One scenario asked about uploading data in a law firm to storage. It seemed to be getting at whether you should use azure files vs blogs.
  • Complete the code question on reading a file from a blob using the blob client.
  • I don't remember a single question being asked about SQL Azure. Almost all CosmosDB no-SQL
  • A few questionson Azure Search and using it to index / query documents
  • Several scenario requirements related to AAD integration, but I think only one question on how to integrate third party auth with AAD. I believe this was getting at AAD B2C.
  • There was a question on configuring KeyVault with ARM. Not remembering the details. Will definitely follow up.
  • Nothing at all on any CLI, either PS or x-plat.
  • Question on configuring Swagger to ensure a C# object mapped to the API.
  • One question on configuring VM's for high availability. Ok, I lied before on the IaaS stuff. But this was getting at having 4 VMs running such that two were always running. So, essentially run in an availabily set. This did hint at running all 4 in a scale set, but I believe AS was better as the question stated you wanted to make sure 2 are always running.
  • One question on routing ServiceBus messages to mobile push notifications.
  • One question on Logic Apps. Unfortunately can't remember the details.
  • There was 1 to 3 questions on Cloud Foundry. There was a mention of BOSH in the question. I believe the question asked if this can be done with ARM. The study guide says "yes".
  • I believe one question on OpenShift. I seem to remember this related to deployment and if you can do it with ARM / marketplace, which is a "yes" according to the study guide. Ok, I remember now - you want to make your app available from open shift. Can you do it with an ARM template and/or the market place as a QuickStart?
  • Nothing on VSTS or CI/CD.
  • Only a cursory statement about Azure Functions. No questions.
  • One question about specifying the proper verb on a web API to do an update.
  • Question on configuring Swagger API in C#
  • One question on the proper startup code for a WebJob that listens to a queue.
  • One weird question asking how to hold a message in a queue for 10 minutes before it can be read.
  • One question on calculating a hash to use as a key in Redis.
  • One question on doing sysprep to create a VM image in Azure.
  • Nothing on coding WebRoles. This seems to be completely supplanted by ServiceFabric.
  • Multiple OData questions: URL for all tables, url for a specific table